We have invested several years and significant resources in Research and Development in the film-making industry. We looked at the current best- practices, best-processes, analysed and documented these processes. We documented how and why the processes came to be then started with a 'clean sheet' and began re-  engineering.
What we ended up with is an extraordinary map of 'treasures'. Opportunities surfaced as a result of the extensive brainstorming and mind-mapping during this period. We explored the most up-to- date technologies and their most probable direction, some of which have come to fruition.
We prioritised and sequenced the development of these gems and are now well into nudging our way to the front-line in this fantastic, exciting industry.
Our Research and Development section has piloted some of these new-age concepts. We will be announcing one in particular late 2005 that is sure to turn the industry on its head.
We have leading edge processes using most up-to-date technologies and tools, one notably we developed over a 7 year period called Cosmos Production Manager (CPM). To find out more about CPM click here.