Cosmos Productions hasĀ  developed a proprietary software product that is the 'SAP' of the motion- picture industry. It's called Cosmos Productions Manager (CPM).
CPM is the only product of its kind anywhere in the world. CPM is a client/server software designed from the ground up for collaborative film-making incorporating ALL aspects of film-making. This integrated software product is nothing short of mind- blowing.
It integrates all film-making processes centralising 'corporate' data thus allowing all project members real-time, multi-user access to the latest information.
Once upon a time the 'vision' of a film was known only to a handful of individuals before the Director's cut is screened and, unless you employed an army of specialists to ensure propagation, the consequences of change could compromise a project. CPM has changed all that. Want to know the consequence of dropping a scene, or adding one, or the 80/20 of scene/shot costs? Simple with CPM. Producers, Directors, Financial Controllers, Directors of Photography, Casting Directors, in fact anyone involved with a project sees the effect of a change or a proposed change. Absolutely invaluable.
We do NOT sell licenses or market CPM for re-sale. It is a product we developed to differentiate us from other film-makers. We are film-makers. CPM is our 'secret' weapon.