We're proud to announce Tulchin Entertainment as our Producer's Representative for 'SLEEP-PARALYSIS'. 

Harris Tulchin heads Tulchin Entertainment. Tulchin is a graduate of Cornell University and Hastings Law School, and has practiced entertainment communications and multimedia law since 1978. He has lectured extensively at forums such as UCLA, AFI, IFP, ShowBiz Expo, The American Film Marketing Association, The Sundance Producer's Conference, Cannes, Venice, Toronto, Los Angeles Independent, Rio de Janero, Singapore, Galway (Ireland), and Hollywood. He regularly publishes essays, articles, speeches and analyses on various aspects of entertainment law, copyright, contract and transactional law, international and domestic distribution, and other issues associated with the film, television and online businesses. Tulchin is also an AFMA arbitrator, expert witness, and has produced 9 movies.

Tulchin's clients have included, among others,
    • Sony,
    • MGM/United Artists,
    • MCA/Universal,
    • Showtime Networks,
    • Summit Entertainment,
    • L.P.,
    • Polygram,
    • Ralph Winter (X-Men, X2, Star-Trek III-VI),
    • Hallmark Entertainment,
    • Imperial Entertainment/Scanbox,
    • DreamCatcher/Storm Entertainment,
    • Trimark Pictures,
    • Cineville/HBO,
    • Vision Arts/Northern Arts.

We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Tulchin Entertainment.