Click here to read the inspiration behind the film. It's as hair raising as the motion- picture itself.
Founder and co-owner of Cosmos Productions Nikolaos wrote and directed his film debut 'SLEEP-PARALYSIS'.
This is a unique, thought provoking, and
...'incredibly real' film about a real-life phenomenon.
This film will leave you thinking long after the last credit rolls.
"The photo was taken at Check-point-Charlie in Berlin. It's a silhouette of a 'thing'. Drawn to this painting I immediately connected and had to write 'SLEEP- PARALYSIS'. (Read the inspiration behind the film by clicking here).
"Sleep-Paralysis has been recorded in all cultures of the world and knows no political, religious, or racial boundaries. As humans we are all likely to experience sleep-paralysis at some point in our lives.
"Is there something more to the Cosmos than scientists will have us believe?
" 'SLEEP-PARALYSIS' is a must-see film as the experience could well be yours."

Find out more about the inspiration behind the movie by clicking here.